I’m excited that the New York State legislature finally passed the Reproductive Health Act. However, when a sitting City Councilmember holds a rally to protest access to abortion for New York women, we know there’s still a need to stand firm in support of basic reproductive rights. We need to go further and pass real protections for women facing sexual harassment, domestic violence and wage discrimination. There is also a shocking underrepresentation of women in city government.

Reproductive Rights:

As Public Advocate I would be a steadfast and unwavering voice for expanded access to abortion and contraception for all women, regardless of status. I would additionally work to identify and eliminate fake health clinics (crisis pregnancy centers) to ensure women have access to actual medical treatment when seeking an abortion. Finally, I would advocate for comprehensive sexual education in New York public schools, because education is key to empowering our young women and men to have safe, responsible and consensual sexual lives.

Workplace Reforms:

I would continue to implement rules against workplace sexual harassment, fight for equal pay for equal work, and advocate for paid family leave. I support the reauthorization of the MWBE program and would continue the work that Tish James started with her report on the gender wage gap and the steps being taken to close that gap.

Support Women in Government:

I would use my office to encourage young women to get engaged in their government, from Community Boards and local Community Education Councils, to running for City Council and higher offices, so that there is a bench of qualified women to run for any office.