Vision for the office

As Public Advocate, I would hold elected officials and agencies accountable for the services they provide to New Yorkers on a daily basis.

As the ombudsman for New Yorkers, I would work with all stakeholders that impact NYC services including the Governor and the City Council to ensure that NYC residents get the services they deserve.

I would shine a light on officials when they are not doing their job - be it due to corruption, negligence, or incompetence. As an attorney, I would leverage the full power of the office, specifically with respect to the ability to bring litigation.

I have a track record for breaking through bureaucracy to get results. My plan is to focus the office on a few key areas that have left New Yorkers in an impossible position: the subway that is crumbling beneath our feet, housing that working families can no longer afford - causing hazardous living conditions and alarming rates of homelessness among women and children - and voting reforms to bring New York City up to modern day standards and ensure every vote counts. I will dedicate teams to each of these issues to track progress, call out failures and develop long term solutions that move us forward.