The morning after the 2016 election, I grabbed my daughter tight fearful of what was to come. This was not the America I knew, had worked for, or was proud of. It was not the America that I thought was safe or inclusive of people that looked like me, my family or the communities I cared about. But I was thankful that I lived in a city like New York that embraced and would fight for these values and the diverse communities that make this City and Nation great.

In a state where corruption and scandal plague both city and state officials, New Yorkers deserve a Public Advocate who is completely independent and who is not just using the job as a platform to run for Mayor.  As Public Advocate, I will hold the Mayor and the Governor accountable for what New York City residents deserve: A government that works, and a government that works to serve them.

As a mom who lives, works, and is raising her family in the City, I will take on these issues with full civic engagement and transparency so that the people of this City have a full understanding of the problems and what we need to do to fix them. I will meet with new non-profit and private sector partners to bring innovative ideas and solutions to the table. And I will push the Mayor and the Governor to provide the resources and make the changes necessary to ensure New Yorkers see real change and real results.