Environment & Sustainability

We have an obligation to our children and to future generations of New Yorkers to protect this city and to be a leader for the world in fighting climate change. I support legislation to move to a fully renewable energy economy as soon as is feasible.

Eliminate Single-Use Plastics:

Single-use plastics are one of the most dangerous and toxic items impacting our environment. Not only do they enter our water system and break down into microplastics that then pollute our food systems and our bodies, they also lead to the most visible litter around our city. I support a ban on single-use plastic bags in New York City as an important first step.

Preserve Public Green Space:

Green space is incredibly important to the quality of life of residents and a sustainable ecosystem, so we must balance the need to build more affordable housing with the preservation of public green space. Low-income communities often have less green space than higher income communities; this inequity should be remedied with an investment in green space in areas that are lacking it. I support planting more trees and taking care of the ones we have, including the implementation of systems of preventative care for urban trees.

Sustainable Energy:

We must both require and incentivize sustainable energy options, including green roofs to aid urban cooling, increased use of solar energy, and wastewater geothermal energy. As Public Advocate I would monitor programs in place to ensure that New Yorkers have access to renewable energy and that the city is working towards increased use of renewable energy.


It’s only a matter of time until NYC is hit with another super storm and the threat of rising seawater levels cannot be ignored. The city and the region must take a proactive approach to building resiliency into all planning decisions. This includes considering resiliency when planning developments in at-risk areas, building natural barriers along coastal areas, and developing protections for critical infrastructure.