A Transit System that Works

Public transit is the heart of the city - without it, the city cannot survive.

New Yorkers riding the subway face delays, overcrowding, and numerous safety hazards. The infrastructure is aging and in desperate need of repair. Our bus infrastructure is hardly better. In many areas of the city, there is no accessible subway nearby, forcing those New Yorkers to rely on buses that are often delayed and stuck in traffic. And, to make matters worse, riders who need the system most struggle to pay the fair hikes proposed to pay for fixes to the system that is failing them.

Transparency and Accountability:

For the last several years, New Yorkers have been left behind while the Mayor and Governor squabble about who is responsible for fixes to our public transportation system.

As Public Advocate I will work with any elected official or government executive who impacts the MTA, be it the Governor and State Legislature in Albany or government agencies in DC. As Public Advocate, I will reach beyond our city limits in any capacity necessary to make sure New Yorkers get a transportation system that works, including ensuring the Fast Forward plan is fully funded and advocating for a real congestion pricing system.

More and Better Buses:

According to the Regional Plan Association, less than two-thirds of New Yorkers live within walking distance of a subway stop. New Yorkers living in these transit deserts rely on buses to get where they need to go. The city should stop eliminating bus lines with low ridership which only makes the system slower and more unreliable for people who depend on that mode of transportation. Getting more people to ride the bus will make the system better and provide a needed alternative to subway lines that will have to be closed for much needed fixes to modernize the infrastructure.

To enable buses to move more quickly through the city, we should prioritize dedicated bus lanes (with enforcement!), transit priority signaling, all door boarding, and redesigned bus routes that reflect equity and fairness.

Fair Fares:

The Fair Fares program is a great start to making sure people have access to the transportation they need to get around the city.  However, the current implementation is leaving many New Yorkers behind.

As Public Advocate, I will work to ensure the program reaches all 800,000 low-income people advocates say should be eligible, expand the program to single-ride Metrocards favored by low-income individuals, and hold the mayor accountable for fully funding the program.

Full Accessibility:

Over 75% of subway stations are not ADA compliant, and even those that are suffer frequent elevator outages. Access-A-Ride can be slow and unreliable, leaving many New Yorkers stranded.

To increase the reliability of Access-A-Ride, vehicles should be able to use the dedicated bus lanes. To increase availability of these limited services, the city should begin working with ride-sharing services to provide city-subsidized rides for disabled individuals when AAR isn’t available.