Thank you so much for your support! While last night's result was not what we hoped, I am truly proud of the campaign we ran. As a first time candidate with no name recognition in just a few short months we:

-Put together the organization and team necessary to get the third position on the ballot.

-Received over 1000 donations from New Yorkers in all five boroughs and raised over $1 million through the public financing system.

-Ran a five borough campaign and received 16,518 votes ahead of several elected officials with already existing name recognition and infrastructure.

-Used the platform of the campaign to elevate important issues like transit, affordable housing and the large number of women and children in our shelters each night.

As our new Public Advocate told me before one of our forums: “You shocked a lot of people.” And we did. While I very much wanted to win this race, I also wanted to prove that politics is not just an insiders game and that you do not have to work your way through the local machine for years to run for office. Politics is for everyone and I believe there is an endless amount of talent in this city - I know because I’ve met so many of you in the course of this campaign - and I hope some of you run too. Reach out to me if you do. The city needs you.

As for me, I am starting off today the same way I did at the beginning of the campaign, by taking my kids to school. I congratulate Jumaane D. Williams on his victory last night and look forward to supporting him as best I can as he implements his vision for the Public Advocate’s office. I hope you will too.

With genuine gratitude,











NYCHA residents are living in slumlike conditions, homelessness is increasing at an alarming rate, especially among children, and rents are skyrocketing to the point that no working family can afford ‘affordable housing.

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The subway is the heart of the city - without it, the city cannot survive. New Yorkers riding the subway face delays, overcrowding, and numerous safety hazards. The infrastructure is aging and in desperate need of repair.

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Homelessness in New York City is primarily a housing problem. The majority of homeless individuals in New York City are homeless because they were evicted, were living in overcrowded housing, lost a job, or were fleeing domestic violence. We need to reframe the conversation about homelessness to focus on women and children

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The passage of voting reforms in the state legislature is a great start for New Yorkers - but they won’t mean anything unless they are properly implemented. As Public Advocate, I will be the people’s watchdog to make sure the current reforms are properly implemented so that New Yorkers see a real change the next time they come to the polls

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